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About LeyBoo Design

LeyBoo is a Web Design business established with a view to deliver the advanced level of website designing services. LeyBoo Designs is the leading web design company creating custom web design. An online presence is essential to every business industry and a well built website is the first step.

With a team of 12 professionals that include graphic designers, web designers, HTML editors, CSS experts, XHTML executives and visualizers, we are capable of delivering any project within a stipulated period of time. Our main concern is quality and not money and that is why we deliver quality work even if the project is budgeted or small.

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Our Mission

We are Committed to working together in a effective dynamic matter to achieve a well received product.
We believe honest communication and respect go far in creating a successful business relationship.
We are confident in our abilities and proud of what we do.
We are determined to achieve our goal of standing apart from the crowd.